Newsletter, Friday 23rd June 2017

What a busy week we’ve had! The girls football team attended Barry Town Ladies Football team tournament at Jenner Park Stadium and despite the sweltering conditions the girls performed magnificently. It was a fun day and the girls did parents and school proud.

Year 6 held their annual summer performance of Midsummers Night Dream and show cased their wonderful acting talents. The performance was a huge success and Miss Cox and Mr.Broad were extremely proud.

Year 5 had a trip to Cardiff Museum where they participated in insect workshops and learnt how to order and classify minibeasts. The children were their Barry Island best and showed a very keen interest in the workshops.

The School Council held a “Pupil Rights” Day and the children had to design a poster for their given right. The winner from each class will have their poster made into a plaque to be displayed around the school.

Bryn Hafren girls came to visit year 5 and worked with the children on a music workshop. It was great to learn from older children.

Year 4 have been working on the new school app – soon to be launched. Watch out for more information.

The C-Cadets have been busy making friends online with “bubble” and the year 3 E-Cadets wrote and performed a short script about having safe and strong passwords.

If you are interested in advertising your local company on our Partnerships area of the School Website then please contact the school and leave your name and number for us to contact you in the near future.ecadet-henry


Remember that news can be “Fake” Do not share news you think is fake as it will hurt someone in the end.





Welsh Phrase of The Week

Pwy ydych chi’n byw

Who do you love with?

FP – Dw i’n byw gyda teulu.

I live with my family

KS2 – Dw i’n byw gyda mam, dad, chwaer, brawd a ci o’r enw Bella


Thunk of The Week

What are the smells of Summer?

Summer Term Key Dates

 Sports Day Wednesday 5th July

Friday 7th July Reserve Sports Day

Year 4

Caerleon educational visit   Tuesday 27th June

 Year 2 Summer Play 6th July 2pm

 Derw Leavers Assembly 19th July 2017

Year 2 Trip to Miskin Mill Monday 17-18th July

Last Day of Term Friday 23rd July 2017


The Summer Fete is on Thursday 20 July at 3.30pm.

 If you would like a stall to sell your wares or are willing to help with the fete please contact Sarah Goodman at the school. Your help is greatly appreciated.



KS2: Celyn 95.3%

FP: Onnen 98.3%



Star of The Week

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 09.26.23



Reader of The Week

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 09.26.38




Newsletter, Friday 16th June 2017

The launch of the Story Trail was a huge success for the school, parents and the community. The support was phenomenal and we look forward to forging further links with local business’s and the local community.

The children and families gathered together to watch the Story Trail films on the “BIG” TV screen supplied by ISTRADIA. The children were the obvious stars of the show demonstrating their excellent Literacy skills, film making skills and collaborative learning skills. The children researched the past and found a way to bring it in to the 21st Century Learning. Many thanks to the Barry Historical Society for their support and guidance during the project.

The Mayor of Barry came to show support and chat to the children. The Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan spoke about how impressed how was with the children and the Story Trail Project. The afternoon was a huge success and ice creams and chips were enjoyed by all.

If you are interested in advertising your local company on our Partnerships area of the School Website then please contact the school and leave your name and number for us to contact you in the near future.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.46.11

This week the whole school has been celebrating “My Money Week”. As usual it has been a huge success and the children have enjoyed finding out about different aspects of money.


In the foundation phase the children learnt about saving different amounts of money and the value of different coins, shopping and giving change in a toy shop, and adding different amounts with decimals. A great foundation for early years learning with recognising money. .


Higher up the school the children looked and income and expenditure, investments, savings and salaries and earning for different types of jobs. The children were surprised by how much it costs to run a house and family and began to understand the importance of saving fro such a young age.

If you would like to save with the school please contact Sarah Goodman for an excellent way to save with local government initiatives.


Please remember that a strong password should include letters and numbers, capital letters and punctuation. It should not be names or anything personal. Never share passwords   ecadet




If the sun protection factor in sun tan lotion is 15? How long can you stay in the sun if the burn time is 10 mins?thunk


Welsh Phrase

Beth wyt ti’n mwynhau?

What do you enjoy?

Dw I’n mwynhau…..I enjoy…




Summer Term Key Dates

Sports Day

Wednesday 5th July

 Friday 7th July Reserve Sports Day

 Derw Summer Performance

21st June 2017

 Year 4

Caerleon educational visit

27th June 2017

 Year 2

Summer Play 6th July 2pm

 Derw Leavers Assembly

19th July 2017

 Last Day of Term

Friday 23rd July 2017


Reader of The Week


a1w2keyScreen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.36.45


Star Of The Week


Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.37.38



Helygen 95.2%


Onnen 98.8%


Dosbarth Hywen & Onnen’s ‘Dens and Dandelions’ Wow Day

What a fantastic outdoor learning experience we had today to engage in our new Summer Term Topic, Dens & Dandelions!  The children looked amazing dressed up in their ‘Eco Warrior’ costume, ready for action!


IMG_1063 2

We enjoyed a fun packed carousel of activities including den building; mud sculptures; problem solving and sketching.


We had a letter from Her Royal Highness of the Woodland, Princess Dandelion, giving us a riddle to solve.  We had loads of fun trying to find hidden letters in our garden and putting them together to find the secret codeword…BLUEBELL!


We made tree rubbings from our school garden and took them back to class to use as templates for our woodland sculptures.  We also used technology to record images of trees and plants to use for sketching material and collected live specimens of plants and flowers for our artwork.

Wow!  What a fantastic way to launch our new Summer Term Topic.  Diolch to all our lovely parents for supporting the children with their fabulous costumes. Ardderchog!


Newsletter, Friday 9th June 2017

We welcomed our fantastic children back to school in what is the final half term before the Summer break. We hope to enjoy the good weather and help our children prepare for the next step in their journey in September.


Classes have completed their documentaries for the Story Trail. Each class visited their locations and completed filming. We performed our scripts and used our production skills to create an exciting and informative film. Please follow us on twitter @atbarryisland and @BarryStoryTrail

The launch of the Story Trail will be next Thursday (15th June) at 15:45. We would appreciate if you could all join us near the bandstand to watch children’s work over the last year. Please come along and support our school and local businesses.


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.59.18

Dosbarth Helygen had a wowderful WOW day this week. Children were busy green screening to create super hero comic strips. Please take a look at our You Tube channel (TVatBIPS) to watch the children’s work.

Our school has been lucky enough to pilot Class VR head sets. They are Virtual Reality headsets that allow children to visit other countries and in some cases other Worlds. Please read our review of the headsets on our school blog hosted on our website

Year 5 (Dosbarth Bedwen) are planning ahead for next year’s trip to Braeside. Braeside is an important trip as it is the introduction to the Year 6 scheme of work and important roles such as Head Boy and Head Girl are given out during the trip. We hope all children attend the educational visit in September, in order to have the best possible start to life in Dosbarth Derw.


Remember, age restrictions on social media are important. Keep our children safe – do not allow them to use social media if they are below the recommended age



Welsh Phrase

 Beth wyt ti’n byw?

Dw i’n byw yn Ynys a Barri gyda mam,dad chwaer, brawd a ci o’r enw Bob




Which is your favourite location on Barry Island?



Summer Term Key Dates

 Story Trail Launch Event

THURSDAY 15TH June at Whitmore Bay Bandstand

 Sports Day

Wednesday 5th July

 Derw Summer Performance

21st June 2017

 Year 4

Caerleon educational visit

27th June 2017

 Year 2

Summer Play 6th July 2pm

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.59.08


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.58.53






Class VR Virtual Reality at Barry Island Primary

Here at Barry Island Primary School we have been exploring innovative ways to engage children in the classroom. We have been working alongside Avantis to test the Class VR head sets and we have found a huge improvement in children’s motivation to plan and write a story.


Quite often we expect children to write adventure stories using a variety of adventurous vocabulary and relative description. How can we expect them to do this if they have no experience? Most of the time we rely on imagination or previous ‘images’ children have gathered from movies or stories.

Therefore we decided to use Class VR headsets as a stimulus to the writing. We have found that it really helps the children with emotive language and selection of adventurous vocabulary when setting a scene.



At first we were concerned that the impact on writing may not be as significant as we had hoped. But we soon realised that teaching the children to relate to a scene and providing experiences is just as important as teaching them the skills of story writing.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 12.08.18.png

The responses from the children have been fantastic.

“What I like about VR headsets is that it feels like you’re actually there. You see the movement of the animals and you see things you never thought you would see. When the shark came close to me it made my heart beat out of my chest! When you look at a picture it doesn’t really feel like its real. VR makes it come alive!”

We have seen a big impact in the quality of writing when pupils use Class VR to inspire their writing.

Descriptive writing using a printed image.IMG_1430.jpg

This short descriptive piece uses word banks and an image of a shark as stimulus. Although it described the scene and the child selects vocabulary in keeping with their expected age, they are not writing emotively. They cannot relate to the situation as they never experienced it.

Descriptive writing after the Shark Experience on Class VRIMG_1429.jpgImmediately we see a change in the child’s writing style once they have used the head sets. They now swim nervously instead of happily and the while encounter with the shark is far more ‘up close and personal’ due to the fact they have experienced diving with Great Whites through the Class VR.


We hope that we can continue to provide learning experiences for our children and believe that Class VR is a fast and easy way to provide rich experiences to our children.


We believe that the key to any child’s success in school is engagement and enjoyment. And the children of Barry Island Primary School certainly enjoyed this lesson!



Dosbarth Onnen @Bristol Zoo, May 2017

Dosbarth Onnen had a great visit to Bristol Zoo which started with a session about pets and caring for animals.  We talked about what makes a suitable pet and how to care for different pets.  We then got to hold Giant African Cockroaches, which were really wriggly and tickled.  The we talked about how to care for a reptiles and got to stroke a real snake. It was cold to touch and really smooth.  Finally we watched a video about how intelligent rats are and got to meet a new baby rat at the zoo. He was gorgeous and very well behaved.





We then went off to explore the different animals……







…..and feeding time at the zoo!



The children were incredibly well behaved and polite at all times and a real credit to the school and parents alike.  Many thanks for supporting such a worthwhile, fun but educational visit. Not to mention tiring…



Mrs Evans, Miss Preece and Mrs Holder.


Newsletter Friday 19th May

Another fantastic week has come and gone at Barry Island Primary School.

This week Dosbarth Bedwen enjoyed an exciting treasure hunt around Barry Island on their Wow Day. They followed clues and collected treasure from each location. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Year 1 had an amazing day at Friar’s Point filming their documentary for the Story Trail Project. Year 5 and Reception have also been busy preparing their Story Trail films. We are all very excited about this project!


We are very proud to announce that two of our film club members have been successfully appointed as new members of the Welsh Youth Advisory Council with IntoFilm. Congratulations LM and EW!


Dosbarth Celyn thoroughly enjoyed their Show and See afternoon for their topic Robot Rampage. We would like to say a huge thank you to all parents and families who attended. There were a range of exciting activities on offer such as augmented reality robots, coding caterpillars, creating robot music on GarageBand and junk modeling.



Eco Club are planning a ‘Rags to Riches’ project. Miss Pringle would welcome donations of unwanted clothes by 15th June. Diolch!

Remember to take the time to read with your children at home as much as possible. Learn to read, read to learn.

Star of the Week

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Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 16.28.50.png

Reader of the Week

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Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 16.29.00.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 16.28.56.png

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